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Through CPG Enterprises, Inc., Christine Graham offers fundraising advice, support and training to a wide variety of organizations in northern New England.  The goal is always to identify the needs of the organization and the people it serves, with careful attention to the culture of its community.  With over 35 years of experience, Christine distinguishes her work with a creative, targeted, analytical approach that recognizes that each situation and organization is different.

Need the right info, fast?CPG Publications

Our publications are short and sweet: focusing on the crucial elements you need to get started and to help your Board understand what you are doing and why.  CPG Enterprises features several down-to-earth, readable publications on annual, capital and grants fundraising and the skills they require.  See Publications for more information.

Midnight Worries - For many years Christine Graham published a newsletter, Nonprofit Vermont, which was the primary statewide vehicle for fundraising news in Vermont. After the newsletter was joined by so many other wonderful resources for news, jobs, and legal updates, it became an occasional publication. "Midnight Worries" is an editorial by Christine Graham, in the spirit of Nonprofit Vermont.

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